Auburn Mountain View Faculty helps with vehicle repairs at Self Serve Garage

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Auburn Mountain-View faculty members know how important it is to help young adults; that’s why Kenneth Elliott, of Auburn Mountain-View High School did not hesitate assisting a youth in distress.

Saturday, September 03, 2011, Kenneth witnessed a young man trying to save money by replacing his own brakes. Unfortunately, this young man did not have all the necessary tools and experience for the repair. Mr. Elliott wanted to assist the young man, but did not have the tools or experience himself, and both Mr. Elliott and the young man did not want to pay full service shop prices.

Fortunate for this young man, Mr. Elliott remembered about a do-it-yourself shop one of his student’s fathers opened this year. The two came to Self Serve Garage looking to save money. For a little over $70, the two had the tools, equipment, and even assistance to complete the brake repair.

Big Rigs Welcome

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Self Serve Garage has extra wide garage bay doors and stalls for even the big rigs.

Oil changes are always $10, bay rentals start at $10/hr

Even the Big Rigs use Self Serve Garage

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Semi-truck owner/operators know that they need to keep their rigs running efficiently to earn money.  This means doing a lot of their repairs themselves.  Of course, having the perfect place to maintain or fix a semi-truck may be hard to find.

Semi-trucks fit in the bays at Self Serve Garage.  In fact, owner/operators can work on their truck in a professional environment.   Semi-Truck owners/operators make more profits when they repair their vehicle’s themselves at Self Serve Garage.

Rent a Bay Today.

Puget Sound Olds Club at Self Serve Garage

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A member of the Puget Sound Olds Club visited Self Serve Garage.  We were excited to have an American muscle car on one of our lifts. 

Puget Sound Olds Club was established in 1980 and is a local chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America. They meet monthly in the Puget Sound area. They hold various events throughout the year, including an annual Zone Show. Their membership is about 80 strong. Club members are not required to own an Oldsmobile.

Click here for more information about the Puget Sound Olds Club

Even Limos Can Benefit from a Do It Yourself Auto Repair Shop

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Self Serve Garage can handle most size cars, even stretched limousines.  This limousine came to Self Serve Garage for a little maintenance.  It is prom season and the owner wanted to ensure the maintenance on his vehicle was up to date.   He rented a bay and was able to perform the maintenance he needed to complete.

He smiled knowing he saved money by maintaining this limousine himself.  We smiled knowing we played a part of keeping our kids safe during prom season.

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