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Self-Serve Garage (SSG) is a new concept in automotive care for auto owners in the Pacific Northwest, Washington Area.  The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) market in America is increasingly popular, as indicated by the number of TV programs devoted to the topic.  Self-Serve Garage fills the gap between business that offer auto parts and tools or full-service auto repair by providing a location for customer’s to fix their own vehicle.  We do this by offering bay rentals, tool rentals, mechanic rentals, and more.

Self-Serve Garage was founded, owned, and managed by George Patterson, an operations manager with 20 years experience in customer service. Most recently, at a  Cancer Treatment Center, he oversaw front-office staff and operations, and coordinated customer service. He has a Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix.

“I already felt helpless at the gas pumps and then I get a $600 repair quote that included $400 for labor alone. It was time for me to take control of my repairs and start saving money!”
George Patterson, Founder of Self Serve Garage

You Fix!

Self-Serve Garage customers have access to an auto repair shop equipped with hydraulic lifts, tools, reference material, and diagnostic equipment, and can even rent a mechanic.   We provide a professional environment in which to repair and/or service your automobile.   Our current location is in Tacoma, Washington.

You Save!

Save money on labor costs by fixing and maintaining your own vehicle yourself.  Overall, a repair at SSG will cost just 50-70% what it would at a full-service or dealer location, leading to considerable savings for a do-it-yourselfer over time.   A full service oil change elsewhere would cost $25-$60, but costs only $1o for space rental at SSG.

You Smile!

Our customers know the satisfaction they feel when they repair and maintain their own vehicle, all while saving money on labor costs.

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