Auburn Mountain View Faculty helps with vehicle repairs at Self Serve Garage

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Auburn Mountain-View faculty members know how important it is to help young adults; that’s why Kenneth Elliott, of Auburn Mountain-View High School did not hesitate assisting a youth in distress.

Saturday, September 03, 2011, Kenneth witnessed a young man trying to save money by replacing his own brakes. Unfortunately, this young man did not have all the necessary tools and experience for the repair. Mr. Elliott wanted to assist the young man, but did not have the tools or experience himself, and both Mr. Elliott and the young man did not want to pay full service shop prices.

Fortunate for this young man, Mr. Elliott remembered about a do-it-yourself shop one of his student’s fathers opened this year. The two came to Self Serve Garage looking to save money. For a little over $70, the two had the tools, equipment, and even assistance to complete the brake repair.

Truck Owner and Driver Take Advatage of $10/hr Bay Rentals

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$10/hr bay rentals go a long way for truck owners & drivers

The driver of this big rig asked how much to rent a bay for his truck.

When I told him $10/hr, he smiled, and said, “Wow!!! Thats it?” This is the result…

Self Serve Garage provides “options”

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A single mother of five came to Self Serve Garage with squealing brakes looking to save some money on brake repairs.
Self Serve Garage works as a do-it-yourself shop, and has mechanics that are for hire in a couple capacities. 1) cutomers can hire the mechanic to repair their vehicle. 2) customers can receive advice/guidance from the mechanics for their projects.
This mom decided she wanted to learn how to repair her own brakes and save money at the same time. She hired a mechanic to guide her through the repair, and saved over $150.

Give a man(woman) a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, he can feed him/herself for a lifetime…
Self Serve Garage provides “options” to vehicle owners of the Pacific Northwest.

Single mom saves money at Self Serve Garage

Father and Son Do it Yourself Oil Change

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This father and son teamed up on a German built vehicle to do an oil change.  They were given a quote of over $180 for an oil change from a dealership.  They rented a bay at Self Serve Garage and worked together to change the vehicle’s oil.   They smiled spending a little time together and saving just under $100.

Here’s what the owner had to say…

Hey George!!! I saved almost 100 compared to the Mercedes Dealer!! Thanks man I appreciate it!

Rent a Bay for an Oil Change Today!

Contact us to Rent a Auto Repair Bay for an oil change for $10.  You must complete the oil change in 30 minutes or less.  Any oil change lasting more than 30 minutes will be charged the hourly bay rental rate.

Saving money by replacing a muffler system at Self Serve Garage!

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A young husband and wife decide to do a project together, replace a muffler system on their vehicle.  They live in a condo downtown Seattle, no garage space available for automotive repairs/modifications.  The husband is somewhat of a handyman, so he researched the repair/modification on the web (AutoMd and other sites).

According to AutoMd, the replacement of the exhaust system for a 2008 Mitsubishi EVO is over $700 at a full service shop, parts alone are approximately $400. His system was more because it was a special exhaust system, but they saved by installing it here at SSG, less than $100, for approximately 3hrs of shop time.

What a deal!

The couple smiled when they realized how much money they saved.

“I don’t know what this would have cost at a full service shop, but I know it would have cost more than here.” they told us at Self Serve Garage. I’m glad your here, and we will be back”.

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