$10* Oil Change Bay Rentals

Does your vehicle need an oil change and want to do it yourself?

Now you can rent a bay at a real auto repair garage and change your own oil.   Our auto repair bays are spacious because they’re designed for mechanics.  Plus, we have auto repair bays with lifts and can rent you the tools you need to make changing your oil easy!

Here’s all you need to change your own oil:

  • An Auto Repair Bay Rental from Self Serve Garage.

  • Ratchet or open end wrench.
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Oil catch/recycle container
  • Funnel
  • New oil filter
  • New Oil
  • Clean rag

Rent a Bay for an Oil Change Today!

Contact us to Rent a Auto Repair Bay for an oil change for $10.  You must complete the oil change in 30 minutes or less.  Any oil change lasting more than 30 minutes will be charged the hourly bay rental rate.