Yesterdays Chevelle & El Camino Visits Self Serve Garage

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Yesterdays Chevelle & El Camino Club visited Self Serve Garage. Yesterdays was founded in 1990 and is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and modification of all years of Chevelles and El Caminos. This American muscle car club is located in the Great Pacific Northwest.

Click here to learn more about Yesterdays Chevelle & El Camino Club

Father and Son Do it Yourself Oil Change

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This father and son teamed up on a German built vehicle to do an oil change.  They were given a quote of over $180 for an oil change from a dealership.  They rented a bay at Self Serve Garage and worked together to change the vehicle’s oil.   They smiled spending a little time together and saving just under $100.

Here’s what the owner had to say…

Hey George!!! I saved almost 100 compared to the Mercedes Dealer!! Thanks man I appreciate it!

Rent a Bay for an Oil Change Today!

Contact us to Rent a Auto Repair Bay for an oil change for $10.  You must complete the oil change in 30 minutes or less.  Any oil change lasting more than 30 minutes will be charged the hourly bay rental rate.

Auburn Mountainview High Student Changes Her Own Oil

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This Auburn Mountainview student wants to save money on car repairs.  So, she attended repair seminars at Self Serve Garage to learn how to do her own repairs.

She recently brought her vehicle to Self Serve Garage where she rented a bay to do an oil change.  She put her vehicle on the lift and did an oil change herself.  She smiled knowing she saved money by changing her vehicle’s oil herself.

MINI Owner changes Shocks and Springs at Self Serve Garage

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This customer with Self Serve Garage brought his 2005 MINI Cooper S in to change the shocks and springs.  He noted:

A stock height MINI will fit over the scissor lift, but there will be a clearance of about 1/2″ at the front lift pads. The rear pads won’t be on the lift, but the frame rides on the lift, so it’s still quite safe when you lift.

The total job took about 5.5 hours, but was about 25% the cost when compared to taking everything to a retail shop, for almost the same length of time.  Significant savings, and only a few hours out of his Saturday.

He smiled knowing he saved money by renting a bay at Self Serve Garage and making his own repairs.

Replacing Brake Pads at Self Serve Garage

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It was a family brake repair.  A local man brought in his niece to replace the brake pads on his vehicle.  She (the niece) actually did most of the work.  Little did we know, she is a driver for midget car group out of Ventura, CA.

She knows her stuff…

They both smiled spending time together saving money by changing their own brake pads!

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