Tips to Winterize Your Car

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Winter is quickly approaching and it is time to ensure your vehicle is ready for the colder winter temperatures.   Self Serve Garage was featured on King 5 News providing tips for winterizing your car.

Here are a few more quick tips to
winterize your vehicle.

  1. Get that cracked windshield fixed and change those wiper blades.   Any crack or chip in a windshield can and will grow during colder temperatures and can quickly obstruct your view.   Having new windshield wipers will ensure they can easily remove snow and slush.
  2. Check your tire’s air pressure.  Properly inflated tires give you the best traction.
  3. Do a little preventive maintenance on your battery.  Clean your posts and connections to ensure your battery is being properly charged.
  4. Make sure your antifreeze mixture is correct!  Check your owner’s manual for the proper mixture, but it is usually about a 50 – 50 mix.
  5. Change your oil.   You might as well change your oil if it is close to that time when it needs to be done.
  6. Put an emergency kit in your car.  Your kit should include multiple items you may need in an emergency situation such as a blanket, change of clothes, water, flashlight, and other items.

Want to Winterize Your Vehicle Yourself?

Contact us at 253-981-3946 to Rent a Bay at Self Serve Garage to winterize your vehicle yourself!



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