Self Serve Garage provides “options”

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A single mother of five came to Self Serve Garage with squealing brakes looking to save some money on brake repairs.
Self Serve Garage works as a do-it-yourself shop, and has mechanics that are for hire in a couple capacities. 1) cutomers can hire the mechanic to repair their vehicle. 2) customers can receive advice/guidance from the mechanics for their projects.
This mom decided she wanted to learn how to repair her own brakes and save money at the same time. She hired a mechanic to guide her through the repair, and saved over $150.

Give a man(woman) a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, he can feed him/herself for a lifetime…
Self Serve Garage provides “options” to vehicle owners of the Pacific Northwest.

Single mom saves money at Self Serve Garage

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