SS Mini Car Club visits Self Serve Garage

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The Salish Sea MINI Motoring Club stopped by  to see  just what Self Serve Garage is all about.  One owner changed the shocks and springs on his 2005 MINI Cooper S.   He noted:

The stock height MINI will fit over the scissor lift, but there will be a clearance of about 1/2″ at the front lift pads.   The rear pads won’t be on the lift, but the frame rides on the lift, so it’s still quite safe when you lift.

Members watched him do the repair and even heckled him a little.  The total job took him about 5.5 hours, but was about 25% the cost when compared to taking everything to a retail shop, for almost the same length of time.

He smiled when he realized how much money he saved by fixing his own car!

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