Self Serve Garage Featured in Seattle Times – NW Autos

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We were recently highlighted in an article by Allen Cox in the Seattle Times – NWAutos section.  The article focused on the services we offer to help vehicle owners safe money on repairs.   The article even discusses one of our customer’s experience with the shop.

Allen Dermody, of Kent, has been taking his Volvo to Self-Service Garage since it opened. He has experience making his own auto repairs and brings in most of his own tools and parts. But, he says, the garage offers a few amenities he lacks.

“Self-Service Garage has the space, the hoist, a compressor and everything I need that I don’t have at home,” Dermody says. “It’s a very well-equipped garage.”

Read the full article here, “Fixes by you: Self-serve car-repair shop lets you be the mechanic

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