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George Patterson, Founder of Self Serve Garage, met with Tony B. from StreetBeat to talk about how Self Serve Garage is giving back to the community.   George and Tony B. discussed Self-Serve Garage filling the gap between businesses that offer auto parts and tools for sale and full-service auto repair by providing a location for customer’s to fix their own vehicle.  The following are other topics they discussed.

Providing Options to Expensive Car Repairs

George explained how Self Serve Garage is giving car owners in Southwest King County an alternative to expensive car repairs by providing them the option of making their own repairs.  This is even more important at a time when fuel prices are high.  In fact, as gas prices are climbing, Self Serve Garage prices falling.  Making it even more affordable for people to maintain their vehicles for best fuel efficiency.

Car Owners Learn
How to Make Repairs

Self Serve Garage is offering free repair seminars by Certified Mechanics.   George told Tony B. that he wanted car owners learn about automobile repairs and give them the choice of  fixing it themselves or to use a mechanic shop for their repairs.   In fact, customers have the opportunity to include their vehicles as part of the demonstration.  This allows car owners to learn about car repairs on their own vehicle.   Self Serve Garage wants car owners to have an opportunity to take control of their car repairs.

Empowering Women Car Owners

George noted that it isn’t just men learning about car repairs, women are attending repair seminars too.  They want to learn the basics of automotive repair.  The repair seminars at Self Serve Garage give women a better understanding of automobile repairs.  This knowledge makes them less likely to be taken advantage of by unnecessary repairs or inflated mark-up on parts and labor.

Mobile Mechanics can Earn More at Self Serve Garage

George also promoted mobile mechanics using the bays at Self Serve Garage.  Mobile Mechanics have a valuable skill and can earn more when they work for themselves.  But, there are some auto repairs that a mobile mechanics will decline if they have to do the repairs outside.   Mobile Mechanics have a professional auto repair shop with lifts available to them at Self Serve Garage.  This allows mobile mechanics to earn more by having less overhead.

We’ll add the audio of the radio interview as soon as it is made available.

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