Rent Tools

Don’t have a specific tool needed for your auto repair job? No need to go out and purchase an expensive tool that you’ll rarely use. Self-Serve Garage offers a variety of mechanic’s tools and diagnostic equipment for rent.

ALL TOOLS ARE HOURLY RENTALS Single tools cost $2.50, Air tools $5.00, Basic tool set $10.00, and shop equipment $10.00 per hour to rent.

Available Tools Include:

This is a partial list of available tools.  Please contact us if you need a specific tool not listed.

Slide Hammer Allen Socket Set Allen Wrench Sets Nut Remover Set
Long Funnels Punches Torx Wrench Sets Side Cutter Calipers
Comb. Wrenches “Large” Extension 10” “Impact” Rear Brake Piston Cube Wire Stripper/Crimper
Oil Filter Pliers Grease Gun Fender Cover Spark Plug Pliers
Spark Plug Sockets Battery Post Brush Feeler Gauges Gasket Scraper
Door Panel Tools Lock Ring Pliers Fuel Line Tools 12 Volt Test Light
Brake Tools Vehicle Ramps Jumper Cables Blower Nozzle
Flywheel Holder Pick Set Telescoping Mirror Snap Ring Pliers
Harmonic Balancer Puller XL Crescent Wrench Impact Driver Kit Strap Wrench
Torque Sticks 1/2” Impact Wrench Torque Wrenches Micrometer
Ball Joint Press Kit Code Reader Tap & Die: Std/Metric Impact Socket Set
Puller Kit Impact Hammer Rotor Micrometer Compression Test
Creeper/Jack/Stands Multimeter Amp Clamp Charging System Tester
Air Ratchet Cut-Off Tool Brake Bleeder Spring Compressor Kit
Transmission Jack Engine Support Torx Socket Set Socket Extensions
Breaker Bar ½” Needle Nose Vice Grips Large Hammer Dead Blow Hammer
Axle Nut Sockets Pry Bars “Long/Short” Tire Filler Drop Light Extension Cord