Saving money by replacing a muffler system at Self Serve Garage!

27/02/11 COMMENTS 0

A young husband and wife decide to do a project together, replace a muffler system on their vehicle.  They live in a condo downtown Seattle, no garage space available for automotive repairs/modifications.  The husband is somewhat of a handyman, so he researched the repair/modification on the web (AutoMd and other sites).

According to AutoMd, the replacement of the exhaust system for a 2008 Mitsubishi EVO is over $700 at a full service shop, parts alone are approximately $400. His system was more because it was a special exhaust system, but they saved by installing it here at SSG, less than $100, for approximately 3hrs of shop time.

What a deal!

The couple smiled when they realized how much money they saved.

“I don’t know what this would have cost at a full service shop, but I know it would have cost more than here.” they told us at Self Serve Garage. I’m glad your here, and we will be back”.

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