Do-It-Yourself Oil Change at Self Serve Garage

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Performing regular oil changes on your vehicle will help extend the life of your engine.  Of course, one question is how often should we change our vehicle’s oil?  Tom Torbjornsen, Maintenance Editor for AOL Autos, wrote a great article titled, “Oil Changes: How Often?” where he discusses the frequency of oil changes.

Yes oil is much better than it used to be, engines are better protected with today’s new lubricants but the same old logic still applies to the oil filter: always use a good quality filter when having the engine oil changed. The filter is the storehouse for dirt in the engine and when it doesn’t do its job, the engine suffers internally. When dirt and grit are allowed to circulate over, within and on the engine bearing surfaces, cylinder walls, crankshafts, piston rings, camshafts and virtually all metal mating surfaces, they are damaged resulting in wider oil tolerances, lowered oil pressure and ultimately premature engine failure.

How Often should you change your vehicle’s oil?

His recommendation is “change regular petroleum based oils every 4-5 thousand miles and synthetic every 5-7 thousand miles.”  Our recommendation is to save money by renting a bay at Self Serve Garage and changing your vehicle’s oil yourself.  We have a Oil Change Special Rate!  You’ll smile knowing you’re helping your vehicle last longer and saving money at the same time!

Want to learn how to change your vehicle’s oil?

We hold Repair Seminar’s where you can learn how to perform maintenance (including oil changes) on your vehicle.  Click here to read about our next Repair Seminar’s. Can’t wait until the seminar? Click here for information on how to do a Oil Change.

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