Self Serve Garage Featured in Seattle Times – NW Autos

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We were recently highlighted in an article by Allen Cox in the Seattle Times – NWAutos section.  The article focused on the services we offer to help vehicle owners safe money on repairs.   The article even discusses one of our customer’s experience with the shop.

Allen Dermody, of Kent, has been taking his Volvo to Self-Service Garage since it opened. He has experience making his own auto repairs and brings in most of his own tools and parts. But, he says, the garage offers a few amenities he lacks.

“Self-Service Garage has the space, the hoist, a compressor and everything I need that I don’t have at home,” Dermody says. “It’s a very well-equipped garage.”

Read the full article here, “Fixes by you: Self-serve car-repair shop lets you be the mechanic

101 Years Old and She Still Changes Her Own Oil

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This is a great video that highlights Margaret Dunning and her 740 Packard Roadster. The video shows a 101 year old woman who still drives, and loves, her 80 year old car. Our favorite part of the video is the following quote…

“I can change the oil and I can change the spark plugs….and I love to get my friends involved.”

Margaret knows that satisfaction felt when you fix your own car.  Who knows, 80 years from now it may be you and your car being filmed!

Auburn Mountain View Faculty helps with vehicle repairs at Self Serve Garage

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Auburn Mountain-View faculty members know how important it is to help young adults; that’s why Kenneth Elliott, of Auburn Mountain-View High School did not hesitate assisting a youth in distress.

Saturday, September 03, 2011, Kenneth witnessed a young man trying to save money by replacing his own brakes. Unfortunately, this young man did not have all the necessary tools and experience for the repair. Mr. Elliott wanted to assist the young man, but did not have the tools or experience himself, and both Mr. Elliott and the young man did not want to pay full service shop prices.

Fortunate for this young man, Mr. Elliott remembered about a do-it-yourself shop one of his student’s fathers opened this year. The two came to Self Serve Garage looking to save money. For a little over $70, the two had the tools, equipment, and even assistance to complete the brake repair.

Truck Owner and Driver Take Advatage of $10/hr Bay Rentals

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$10/hr bay rentals go a long way for truck owners & drivers

The driver of this big rig asked how much to rent a bay for his truck.

When I told him $10/hr, he smiled, and said, “Wow!!! Thats it?” This is the result…

Don Jones of Don’s Mobile Service having fun at Self Serve Garage

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 Don Jones, an ASE Certified mechanic provides a valuable service to vehicle owners of the Pacific Northwest relevant to Self Serve Garage. Don has joined the Self Serve Garage team, and is available to assist/service customers at the shop or mobile.


Don Jones having fun at Self Serve Garage


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